The road to Alaska

After a delightful few weeks in the Canadian Rockies, we prepared for the dauntingly long, 39 hour, drive to Alaska.  The beautiful northern BC countryside is speckled with quaint farms, rolling hills, dense forests and stunning mountains. Not such a bad way to begin a monstrously long drive.


After a 5am start and a half day drive, we were running low on gas and decided to take a detour through Stewart and cross the boarder into Hyder, an isolated outpost on the Alaska BC boarder.


Great decision! Hyder had an awesome fish and chips shack in a gutted school bus.


And Stewart hosts The Dash’s gourmet food court in an unlikely spot. K is happy as can be after one of our best dining experiences of the trip!


And we got to see a grizzly bear gobble a salmon. Welcome to Alaska!


After cooking up dinner on the bay (there’s a bald eagle on the post in the water), now we’re back on the road, finishing up the drive through northern BC. Tomorrow is the Yukon!




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  1. I’ve wanted to go to Alaska since I watched fishing shows in the 50’s. Yikes!!! Alaska in the summer! How wonderful!

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