Joffre Alpine Adventure

Who would have thought that we would run into our blog doubles climbing in Squamish? Fast forward 24 hours and we’re up on the glaciers of the Joffre group north of Whistler, BC. Thanks to the expertise of Michael and Taylor we finished our trip with a killer alpine adventure in some wild terrain! Not much else to say… the photos speak for themselves.

The only true summit we got was the small spire popping out of the glacier to the left. Smaller than the neighboring peaks but killer views anyway!IMG_1186

K stoked to be on the summit:IMG_1163

Taking in the views:IMG_1171

Michael and Taylor are pros at the summit poses.IMG_1169

A quick scramble back to the glacier:IMG_1153

After trekking into high camp and taking a quick break we took off to climb Slalic. K’s first time climbing ice and she handled it like a pro despite crampon dysfunction….

Just about at the summit of Slalic:IMG_0732

And the sunset descent… why did we only bring an iPhone for pictures? IMG_0749




This was the last photo before racing across the glacier to try to make it back to high camp without headlamps. 5 minutes faster and we could have done it!

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  1. Wow! Life’s going to seem pretty tame at sea level. Been some mountains in the surf. Naturally you’re going to miss it by a few days. Meeting Dan this morning at 6:30 for what’s left. See you Monday?

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