A rainy day(s) adventure in Homer

The Kenai Peninsula is beautiful and Homer is an awesome little town. But oh man does it rain! We have been looking forward to getting out on a multi day Kayak trip for months and we were determined to go rain or shine. After a productive and instructive day of van maintenance with Pam and Larry (thanks for all your help!), we strolled around the Homer headlands for some beautiful views of where we’d be heading. I should note that this was also our first look at our rusty old van engine!IMG_1080.JPG




Unfortunately¬†we don’t actually have many pictures of said kayak adventure — it basically rained non-stop until we called the boat to pick us up early at the mount of the bay…. this of course brought a break in the weather and some sunshine.IMG_1126


*Prize to whomever can guess what is going on here (post kayak trip)IMG_1085.JPG

2 thoughts on “A rainy day(s) adventure in Homer”

  1. Theories good and bad.
    1. Rather than a hydraulic lift, work on the differential or exhaust or other rear of vehicle mechanical work was done from a lower earth plane.
    2. Caught on the wrong side of an inlet with the rising tide. Happens all the time. That’s how you get out of there.
    3. Someone doesn’t know how to drive.
    4. A moose did it.

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