(1) Don’t get stuck in Friday afternoon Seattle traffic!!! You’ll want to be clear of Seattle by 2pm if possible.

(2) There is a bike race in the Deception Pass State Park area on Saturday. There will not be road closures, but there may be delays, especially crossing the bridge if you’re coming from the south, so make sure to allow for a little extra time.

Getting to Deception Pass State Park

The Park is 1h30min north of Seattle on the Puget Sound. From the Seattle Airport, it’s 1h45 minutes, and a straight forward drive from either: I-5 North to 20 West and there you are!

If you come in early and want a more scenic route, you can take the ferry over to Whidbey Island from the town of Mukilteo (about 30 min north of Seattle). We highly recommend this if you’re coming in on Thursday or Friday morning; or have time to meander back out on Sunday.

If you do take the ferry, they run every 30 minutes. Be cautious of taking it on Friday afternoon/evening, though, as they can get very backed up.

Once you’re at Deception Pass State Park

Reminder that Friday night we’ll be at Cranberry Lake, on the south side of the park. Once you come through the main entrance at check in with the Ranger, the shelter is immediately there on the left, with lots of parking. Can’t miss it!

Saturday and Sunday we’ll be at Bowman Bay, on the northwest side of the park. From the 20, turn northwest onto Rosario Rd/Bowman Bay Rd and follow the signs down to Bowman Bay. There are two parking lots; either are fine.

Anywhere in the park, you will need a Discover Pass to park. You can get these at the Ranger’s station as you enter the parking lot at Cranberry Lake on Friday. Cost is $30 for a year or $10 per day (so if you’re around all 3 days or more, you may as well get the full pass). You can also purchase passes at the parking lot at Bowman Bay.  (If you are camping, you won’t need a pass.)


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