Classy and comfortable is the name of the game. The whole wedding will be outdoors in a beautiful natural setting on the coast. Weather can be unpredictable in the Pacific Northwest so above all else check the weather report before you hop on your plane and make sure you have the clothes that will make you happy.


Friday is casual. Feel free to wear something fun, something nice, an old pair of jeans,  or embrace the classic Pacific Northwest look of lumberjack chic.


Saturday is your opportunity to define camping chic.There is currently no wikipedia entry but hopefully there will be after the wedding!

The goal: Look good, look classy, and be comfortable for celebrating in the great outdoors.

Do’s:  For the women: more than a casual sundress, not necessarily a cocktail dress, but that’s great too — bring your own style and stay comfortable. For the men: slacks/khakis and a button up, ties optional — though if you go bow tie, no clip ons; classy gentlemen know how to tie their own bow tie (or at least have an iPhone and youtube). If you’re feeling inspired,  go for the suit.


  • High heels are a no go – you won’t be happy.
  • Lumberjack chic – we love flannel, plaid, jeans and boots, but save them for Friday or Sunday.

Optional: Shoes 😉


See Friday + swim wear if you plan to join us for a dip in the Pacific.

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