Adventures in Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains

There is dispute in the internationally recognized Echelon system for rating beauty as to whether a four or five echelon rating scale is more appropriate.  However, there has largely been agreement that there is no need for a sixth echelon. Well that is because those who developed the echelon system had never visited Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains.

Now that’s a Sixth Echelon camp!IMG_0602

En route:IMG_0762

Most of the hike in followed this meandering river upstream to Sandy Lake.


That’s our peak, Haystack, in the distance!IMG_0599

Views into the Cirque en route to the TemplesIMG_0615

And the stunning Temple and East Temple peaks and icy lakesIMG_0604





A quick map check as thunderstorms approachIMG_0639



One thought on “Adventures in Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains”

  1. The vicarious enjoyment I have in following this adventure is a six on the echelon scale.
    I’d never heard of the Wind River Mountains. Imagine.

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